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The Hants.gov and Southampton.gov sites are very good general interest sites Covering Local Knowledge, Walks and history as well as sites covering Entertainment and things to see They also provide web sites for Community interest Organizations and Charities they also provide web space for the Posting of local Events in the Area. And of course they provide all the Details that go with Local Government

St Anne's Church Calmore News, Services and Whats on http://www.hants.org.uk/stanneschurchcalmore (C of E) The Revd. John Oliver , Calmore Vicarage, Cooks Lane, Calmore SO4 2RU, Tel 8081 2702 E/Mail stannes.calmore@hantsweb.org.uk

St Winifreds Church Salisbury Rd News Services and whats on Church Office: 92 Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3JA. Tel: 023 8086 5103. Email: tottonrectory@aol.com

http://www.thewaterside.net/ TheWaterside.net is a community portal for the Totton, Hythe, Dibden, Fawley and surrounding areas. The aim is to provide useful information to the communities in and around these areas and give people a new place on the web to find up to date information relevant to them. UK online Centre at St Anne's Community Centre.

http://www.southampton.gov.uk For Southampton City (UK) Information. You'll find everything about Southampton, places to visit, events, business, and what it's like to live and work here. If you have not used CityWeb before, we have some useful introductory information about the site and how to use it.

http://www.hants.gov.uk Hampshire district Council ,Hampshires Hantsweb serves the county of Hampshire in Southern England, and provides over 700,000 pages of information for residents and visitors.

http://www.nfdc.gov.uk New forest District Council ,

http://www.thenewforest.net On this page you'll find a list of external links to web sites on local towns and villages located within the New Forest District. You'll also find recommended links to more local authority web sites. These also contain useful information on local town and villages.

http://www.thisishampshire.net/ Covers Searchline Local History Health Education Training Communicate Links to other websites relating to the local community "Daily Echo"

Wales and West Passenger Trains Ltd Train Routes Maps & Timetables Tel: 08457 484950

http://www.bluestarbus.co.uk/ Bluestar Bus company was Solent Blue Line. Web site Bus Route Maps & Timetables Tel: 023 8061 8233

Testwood Baptist Church 283 Salisbury Road, Totton

St Matthew’s (Church of England) Netley Marsh Vicarage, Ringwood Road,

http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk The official NHS DIY Health Care site

http://www.planning-inspectorate.gov.uk/dibden Dibden Bay Inquiry Information

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Change the World About CitizensConnection.net CitizensConnection.net is the biggest website in the UK for people who want to change the world (or their bit of it). It's full of practical advice on how to take action plus the stories of people who've done it already. SO, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? Do something new with my life Help people Change my neighborhood Find out how the UK works Make my idea a reality Start a campaign that succeeds Not sure but I've got time and skills

Welcome to Community Action Hampshire! MISSION STATEMENT To strengthen the contribution of voluntary and community organizations to the quality of life of people living in Hampshire. We are an independent charity working across Hampshire and its neighboring authorities as: a development agency and coordinating body for the voluntary sector a Rural Community Council Our work is divided into four principal areas of activity:

http://www.howtocomplain.com How often have you meant to complain about something but never got around to it or didn't know what to do? Here we empower you to get results and you won't even need a stamp! This free and independent service enables you to: • Learn about your rights and where to get advice and help. • Submit, escalate and resolve complaints on-line. • Find out how to complain about any issue. • Discuss and debate topical issues.

Community Legal Service Need information on a legal problem? Want to know who and where your local adviser is? Does it cost anything and can you get financial help? Just Ask! Just Ask! is the website of the Community Legal Service. We're your first port of call for legal help and information in England and Wales. Find out more about the Community Legal Service . Search for legal information and advice on carefully selected websites . Use the Directory to locate an advice provider in your area with whom you can discuss your query. Find out the latest CLS and site developments on our News pages.


Tax. Gov. Vat. Dti And other Web/sites

http://www.cftrust.org.uk New look Cystic Fibrosis Trust website. This is the first stage in bringing to you improved links and design to make sure you have the most up to date and relevant information on Cystic Fibrosis. Over the next weeks and months they will be adding more exciting features so forgive them if the paint is still wet!

Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Offer a range of information for consumers, small businesses, employees, anyone with an interest in the world of work and many others. Whether you are looking for information on the aerospace or biotech industries or for guidance on the latest regulations, we may be able to help.

http://www.ordsvy.gov.uk Or http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk Ordnance Survey Maps of England (all types from Touring maps to Survey Maps for Extensions & Building, Ariel Photographs)

http://www.old-maps.co.uk Free access to historical maps of great Britain 1846-1899

http://www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk The Inland Revenue web site - featuring news and information on tax and national insurance matters in the United Kingdom. The Inland Revenue is responsible, under the overall direction of Treasury Ministers, for the efficient administration of income tax, tax credits, corporation tax, capital gains tax, petroleum revenue tax, inheritance tax, national insurance contributions and stamp duties. The Department's job is to provide an effective and fair tax service to the country and Government.

http://www.hmce.gov.uk V.A.T. Hm Custom & Excise

Directgov - the official government website for citizens This is a first entry point to UK public sector information on the Internet.

http://www.disability.co.uk Disability Resource Centre

http://www.disabilitynow.org.uk/index_2.htm This is the UK's leading disability site, giving a whole range of useful information: articles, links, adverts and archives.

http://www.youreable.com - winner of the Channel 4 eMillionaire show - is the one-stop Internet site that disabled people, carers, family and friends turn to for information, products and services. We have integrated - and will continue to integrate - all of the most useful information into one place. Now youreable.com to access a new world.

http://www.bt.com./phonenetuk/ Online Phone Directory

http://upmystreet.com The real-life guide to your neighborhood Discover local services and stores, examine property prices, nearby schools and your council's record, search classified ads and entertainment listings and much more

Direct Gov Environment and greener living/ Hazardous Substances Pollution & Waste in Your Area

Child Care A new site "Best Bear"

Any parent who needs to find reliable childcare should log on to this site. Best Bear provides a list of the county's best childcare agencies. It is not just a database: the Best Bear team of working mothers, childcare professionals and journalists have spent months grilling agencies, posing as a potential employee and with with their resident qualified nanny incognito. So far they have investigated about 1000 agencies, testing their interviewing and reference-checking procedures. Only around 150 made the grade, and the results are here to view, with a short synopsis of the service they offer, and the areas they cover. Unlike many other websites, which tend to restrict their focus to London and

the South East, Best Bear covers regional agencies and also covers employing a nanny from abroad. In addition to the agency listings, there's a database of articles explaining childcare options, pay expectations, employment regulations, and what to expect when looking for childcare. The Parents Forum provides an opportunity to discuss childcare issues on a wide range of topics. Summary: Hard work and thorough investigation have gone into this site, making the task of navigating the maze of childcare agencies much easier.

The Main Site http://www.bestbear.co.uk

Links To Other Recommended Child care Sites

Community Foundation Network

Swallow House 11 Northdown Street London N1 9BN

Tel: +44 20 7713 9326 Fax: +44 20 7713 9327 Email: network@communityfoundations.org.uk

Community foundations are grant-making trusts. They build and manage endowments for the long-term benefit of voluntary and community groups within specific geographic areas. Donations from individuals and companies are invested in a constantly growing pool, with the income providing a sustainable flow of funds for local good causes - often matched to donor's interests and given in their name. Community foundations also channel funds for immediate use on behalf of companies and other agencies which recognise that they have detailed knowledge of local needs. The 29 most established community foundations held £92 million in assets and made grants of £22 million last year. Community Foundation Network provides support for these local organisations. We offer a common point of reference for every community foundation in the country and advice for anyone wishing to establish one in a new area. You can contact them, via us, using the email, telephone and fax details given on this page. Alternatively, contact details for all our Members and Associates are listed here. If you send us an email, we will let you know as soon as this site has been fully expanded

Childrens Fund

Why a Children's Fund? The Children's Fund was introduced in response to the Social Exclusion Unit's Policy Action Team (PAT) on Young People, which highlighted the need for improved preventive services. The preventive element of the Children's Fund is part of a range of measures which aim to ensure that vulnerable children get the best start in life, remain on track on their early years, flourish in secondary school and choose to stay on in education and training at 16. The preventive element of the Children's Fund will amount to £380 million of new money over three years (2001-4) to fund services to prevent children and their families suffering from the consequences of poverty. Other funding will be available through the Children's Fund Local Networks. The fund will primarily target 5-13 year olds at risk of social exclusion, bridging the gap between Sure Start for pre-school children and the new Connexions Service for the over 13s, delivering preventative services over and above those provided through mainstream statutory services and specific programmes.

The Children's Fund has now absorbed the Home Office's On Track project, which aims to prevent crime by supporting 4-12 year olds and their families. The preventive element of the Children's Fund amounts to £380 million. How will the Children's Fund roll out? The fund is currently rolling out across the country in three waves (DOC 49kb), and we aim to cover the whole of England by April 2003.

The first 40 areas received Children's Fund money from 2001, a further 50 areas will receive money in 2002, and the remaining parts of England will receive money in 2003. First wave areas were selected from the areas with the highest child poverty levels, with a number of rural and coastal areas facing particular difficulties being selected.

How will the fund work? Each area will identify a partnership of voluntary organisations, community and faith groups, statutory agencies and young people that can plan and develop preventive services for children, young people and their families. Partnerships will be expected to include the voluntary and community sector at the heart of their decision-making. The partnership will be required to listen to the needs of the local community and involve children and young people in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services.


Web Sites Links on Archaeology & History

Current Archaeology Welcome to the Wonderful World of Archaeology! This is your gateway to the world of British archaeology. These are the home pages of Current Archaeology, Britain's leading archaeological magazine. If you have an interest in anything to do with archaeology, this is the place to find out about digs, discoveries, the latest news, and all about our magazine. Explore the world of archaeology and enjoy yourself!

Current Archaeology Timeline Join us in walking the TimeLine from half a million years ago nearly to the present day. Learn all about the archaeology of Britain from these easy-to-read cyber tours, specially adapted from articles in Current Archaeology. Prehistory 500,000 years ago - Boxgrove man - the oldest man in Britain. 2,500 BC - The Clava Cairns - Neolithic tombs in Northern Scotland . 1300 BC - The Dover Bronze Age boat. 200 BC - Castell Henllys - an Iron Age hillfort in Wales. 100 BC - The Snettisham treasure The Romans AD 43 - The Colchester graves. AD 50 - The story of Roman London. AD 105 - The Vindolanda tablets. AD 200 - A Roman barn at Littlehay. AD 200 - Broch building in the Hebrides AD 300 - Roman Mosaics - highlights of Roman art in Britain. AD 350 - Roman fort at Arbeia The Saxons AD 500 - King Arthur at Tintagel. AD 700 - The Sutton Hoo ship burial. AD 700 - Saxon London founded. AD 800 - Vikings invade the Udal, in the Hebrides. AD 886 - Alfred moves London back to within Roman walls. AD 900 - The origins of the English Village - Shapwick. AD 1000 - Canterbury cathedral re-built The Middle Ages The medieval City: Norwich. Wood Hall: A medieval manor house. The greatest castle - Conwy. A Welsh Castle - Rhosyr Newark Castle Post -medieval Glenochre - a bastle and fermtoun in lowland Scotland. Crossing the Atlantic - Crofters abandon their homes in the Hebrides to find new life in a New World. Witches - How to kill a witch Sundries Feet: how to distinguish Romans and Saxons - by their feet

Britannia's History Department Britannia's History Department has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the prehistoric era to modern times. Edited by David Nash Ford, the department features timelines, narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, biographies, maps, glossaries, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, interviews and more.

Maps of Hampshire From Saxtons1575AD to Greenwoods1826AD

Old Hampshire Gazetteer Authored by:- Martin and Jean Norgate: 2001 Place Names & Descriptions

Find A Museum Helps to find any Museum in your area of Interest, The UK's huge number of museums and galleries.are on this government funded site filled with information on just about every museum and gallery in the country.

British Archaeology British Archaeology Magazine. The CBA works to promote the study and safeguarding of Britain's historic environment, to provide a forum for archaeological opinion, and to improve public interest in, and knowledge of, Britain's past.

Internet Medieval Source Book The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is organized as three main index pages, with a number of supplementary documents. Each individual section is still large. Selected Sources This is an index of selected and excerpted texts for teaching purposes. For teachers who wish to refer students to the Sourcebook, this page is the best starting point.

Hampshires online Collections Lists Museums & Collections

Internet Archive of Texts and Documents The Internet Archive of Texts and Documents is a creation of faculty and students in the History Department of Hanover College. The principal goal of the Archive is to make primary texts and secondary sources on the internet available to students and faculty for use in history and humanity classes.

Internet Archaeology Magazine The first fully refereed e-journal for archaeology

Medieval Life - The Magazine of the Middle Ages

Welcome to ORB! ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students. All articles have been judged by at least two peer reviewers. Authors are held to high standards of accuracy, currency, and relevance to the field of medieval studies.

Roman Britian http://www.roman-britain.org/places/clausentum.htm The small Roman town of Bitterne appears in the Antonine Itinerary of the late-second century as the first station on Iter VII, entitled "the route from Chichester to London", where it appears as Clausentum,

Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History. Regia Anglorum was a term used by early English writers to describe the English state. It means 'The Kingdoms of the English'. In a twentieth century context Regia Anglorum is a nationwide society with many independent local groups, from Scotland to the south coast, who all work within a tight set of common sense rules. Regia Anglorum attempts to recreate a cross section of English life around the turn of the first millennium. Our actual self imposed brief is AD950 - 1066, although our events may sometimes be set a few decades either side of these dates. It was a time of great flux and change and, as all our public shows are 'datelined', we can demonstrate the changing fashions of the times. It was a time when Britain was host to many peoples - Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Danes, Norse, Cymru, Viking raiders and even a number of Norman mercenaries. Welcome to the village of Wichamstow. Explore the fictional pre-Conquest estate of 'Wichamstow', where you can find out more about the life and times of late Viking Age Britain. Eorl's manor of Drengham, Here you will discover more about warfare and the defence of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

Southampton’s archaeological collections have come from a variety of sources. The first public museum in the town was opened in 1912 at Tudor House and contained objects donated to the town by local antiquarians and collectors. These mainly consisted of local finds, including stone age tools, Bronze Age burial urns, a Roman altar to the goddess Ancasta from Clausentum, and medieval pottery, masonry and metalwork. (Roman and prehistoric remains on display at the Hartley University College in 1904. Most of these objects were later donated to Tudor House Museum in 1912.)

The British Museum What can you say "The British Museum"

Medieval English History The aim of this site is to provide historical information about cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages, with particular emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history. A selection of primary documents (translated into English) revelant to English urban history is included.


A Local History Study Centre would be far beyond the means of groups and individuals working alone.

So Waterside Heritage was formed and has now taken over Hythe Railway Station and its Surroundings through a 99 year lease from the New Forest District Council. It is constituted as a charitable trust with the following aims to establish and maintain a permanent exhibition and study centre in the Waterside parishes of Fawley, Hythe & Dibden and Marchwood and to preserve, conserve and display as appropriate records, photographs, artefacts and other material relating to the history of the three parishes. To promote the study of local and community history within schools and other venues in the Waterside through the use of local facilities, visits, study modules and other means. To support the publication of books and papers on subjects relating to the heritage of the Waterside.

The Waterside has two local history groups of long standing: Fawley Historians and Hythe & District Historians who have, over many years, been collecting information, data, memories and photographs on the history and development of the Waterside.

Fawley Historians (formerly Fawley Local History Group) since founded in 1959 have collected information and photographs of the Waterside Parishes. Changes have been recorded where possible, growth of industry for example. Help has been given by members to researchers, students and local schools. Donations and grants have contributed to conservation.


Local Geology Links

link to Wessex Coast Geology By Ian West

This is the first page of a large set of Geological Field Guides to the Wessex Coast of southern England, much of it a UNESCO World Heritage Site ("Jurassic Coast"). This is a classic area of East Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight. These guides form one of the world's largest geological web sites with more than 100 separate web pages. There are thousands of full screen, colour photographs of varied geological and geomorphological features and there are also associated geological bibliographies. The text in each guide has linked references to the appropriate bibliography. The study and descriptions have emphasis on the superb coastal exposures of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous and Palaeogene strata are well-seen in the cliffs of this beautiful coastline. The various localities, many of them well-known classic sites, are described in terms of stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, faunal content and coast erosion and progradation, in addition to general background information on the environment. In additional there are some associated webpages on other specific geological topics such as sabkhas and Pyrenean geology. A search entry box will be found below. (This site has very heavy use - about half a million request per week, including each photographic image.)

West, I.M. 2001. Geology of the New Forest, Hampshire, U.K: Bibliography Internet site: www.soton.ac.uk/~imw/nfgeol.htm. Southampton University. Version: U.17.08.01.

The New Forest is an important area of heathland and forest near the south coast of central southern England. It was established as the King's hunting forest shortly after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Being an unusually extensive, open, semi-wild area in an agricultural and developed part of the country it is now of very great value for recreation, conservation, wildlife, grazing of ponies and forestry. This bibliography lists publications on the geology of the area with some notes, some extracts and an index. The New Forest is underlain by Eocene sands and clays, often very fossiliferous with sharks' teeth, molluscs and corals, and the strata are occasionally exposed in stream beds or artificial excavations. Ferruginous (chalybeate) springs emerge from oxidising pyritic and glauconitic sediments in places. Subangular flint gravel terraces of Pleistocene age lie above and the tops of these are whitened on the heaths by podsol soil profile. Peat is developed in valleys. The coast to the south provides very good cliff sections through these strata at Barton and Hordle Cliff. Petroleum exploration is active in the region and conficts between exploration and conservation can arise. The papers listed here will give information on these and other topics. A related bibliography on the Solent Estuarine System is also provided.

West, I.M. 2000. Geology of the Solent Estuarine System;

The Solent, Southampton Water, the Spithead, Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester Harbours are flooded Pleistocene Valleys. At times of low sea-level which occurred during glacial advances the English Channel was dry. The local rivers, upper tributaries of an extended river Seine, cut down into soft Eocene sands and clays. During the Flandrian Transgression, starting about 10,000 years ago, the estuaries were formed. The region is of much geological interest with abundant fossils. Boxgrove near the north-eastern margin of the estuary is an important site for Pleistocene human remains. The bibliography which follows mostly consists of references to papers on the Eocene, Pleistocene and Holocene geology of this region.

Jurassic Coast Links

Includes links to Visitor centres and museums 2. Local geology Links 3. National Geological links 4. International Geology links 5. Stone Heritage 6. Tourism 7. Agencies behind site 8. Council links 9. Others/Local links The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre contains displays and advice about fossil collecting, including a touch table of commonly found fossils. Chesil Beach Centre is located on the shores of the Fleet at Ferrybridge, where the main road to Portland crosses the entrance to the lagoon. The principal focus is on the wildlife interest of the beach and Fleet. The centre is the gateway to Durlston Country Park and the base for the ranger service. Displays include a cliff top camera providing a superb view of the guillemot colony and an underwater hydrophone to listen in the semi-resident dolphins. 1. Visitor centres and museums The Lulworth Heritage Centre contains displays about the geology of the coast, the famous Fossil Forest and the formation of the beautiful bays and headlands that attract so many people to this part of the Jurassic Coast. The County Museum in Dorchester contains an exhibition of Dorset’s diverse geology and fossils including dinosaur footprints and trees from the fossil forest.

Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society

About Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society Formed in 1971 the Society is one of the oldest amateur mineral and fossil societies in the UK. The aims of the Society are to foster interest and expertise in the collecting, conservation and identification of minerals and fossils and, where possible, preserve and document the sites where they are found. We are a friendly group of people sharing a common interest in collecting and studying minerals and fossils. Throughout the year we hold both indoor meetings and field trips. New members are always welcome and we encourage families with young children to join and hold special sessions for beginners. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at The Friends' Meeting House, Ordnance Road, Southampton at 7:30 to around 9:30 pm.